Key moves to achieve uplift

person painting orange stripe on white tiled wall with stripes of yellow, pink and blue already painted

Either your investment commercial building or family home, there are the ways to uplift the space without extending too much budget.

New paint: A fresh coat of paint with new colours can do magic and make a big difference to a space. So don’t be afraid of colour! We can help you choose. Book now.

New carpet/ floor lining: Steam cleaning can only do so much! Is it time for new carpet?  Then this could start with a low cost investment or custom tailored colour carpet. Or consider custom designed carpet – the cost doesn’t have to be over the top. Contact us.

 Lighting: Is colour temperature matching with the rest of your space? Is it too cold or too warm?

Acoustics: If your tenants have been complaining about the lift noise, external noise or echoing noise, acoustic panel might assist to reduce the noise level depending on existing condition.  You don’t know how?  Book us now for initial appointment.

New signage: Is the board colour coordinated with other elements in the space? Any damage on the board? As a result, those small damage could bring down the impression by any visitors.  It might be the time to update it.

Green Green Green!  Introduce nature.  It helps to reduce stress which results in the productivity.

And finally new door mat: Yes, it is obvious, but often forgotten by all. New door mat makes your entry experience for everyone different!  Let us organise !